Document Management

o   Multi-repository digital content storage

o   Multi-channel document capture and scanning

o   Full Text Search

o   Customizable record retention policies

o   Collaborate using version control & direct editing

o   Hot backup capability for disaster recovery

o   Scalable beyond terabytes of data volume

o   Supports distributed deployment


o   Manage enterprise wide business processes

o   Link documents and track life cycle

o   Escalate exceptions

o   Escalate delays to critical processes

o   Break department silos

o   Measure efficiency and analyse various dimensions

o   Fast turnaround time for changes to processes

o   Automate recurring tasks


o   Integrate with core banking system

o   Integrate with website/mobile apps

o   Integrate with government systems

o   Integrate with credit rating agencies/data providers

o   Integration methods supported include:

o   File/batch based

o   Direct database access

o   API

o   Real-time Messaging

o   Web Service



o   Runs on Windows/Linux

o   Supported databases

o   Oracle

o   Microsoft SQL Server

o   MySQL

o   Sybase

o   Cloud ready

o   Browsers supported: IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari