Management team

Rajesh Arora

Founder Director

Rajesh worked for 15 years in IT and retailing and gained valuable insights into business. With his retailing background, he sensed that while IT industry was booming, customers were not exactly delighted with the service they were getting from their vendors. He believes the words ‘vendor’ and ‘customer’ and ‘employee’ are an anachronism in today’s times as you can win only if all of them work as partners. He founded TriumphSys in 1998 with a vision of building a company where a synergistic partnership was built between all stakeholders to empower each partner to reach his / her full potential. Right at inception, he envisioned ‘Delivering Scalability & Productivity’ as TriumphSys’s raison d’etre and he ensures that all Triumphants work towards this every day.

Bhushan Arora

Director Professional Services

Bhushan has worked as an Analyst on Financial Domains and has vast experience in Delivery Management, Project Management and Human Resource Management. She has been instrumental in identifying and hiring resources – In-House and for our Clients. She is an excellent mentor and responsible for Project Management & Execution to deployment. Her expertise includes relationship management, project management and establishing level 2 and level 3 technical support services. Bhushan is passionate about developing and managing relationships that span multiple businesses and specialties and personally manages some of the strategic accounts of the company.