TriumphSys background

Rajesh Arora , founder of TriumphSys, spent more than 15 years working in sales and marketing functions in Information Technology and Retailing industries. He understood the problems customer organizations faced and believed he can deliver better service to customers and thus TriumphSys was born in 1998.

The global IT industry has seen both explosive growth and precipitous falls since then. The Y2K and dot com booms led to companies expanding 500% or even 1000% in a year and then crashing back or (mostly) vanishing thereafter. We certainly enjoyed our share of the heady days but we were fortunate that we did not get carried away and kept our head straight on our shoulders. Thus, even as a young company, we survived the post-Y2K and post-dotcom crashes and came out stronger on the other side of each one of them. With these experiences in the early days of TriumphSys, we adopted a business model that gives equal importance to growth and stability. It has enabled us to build our team to 120+ people in the prime locale of Mumbai and offer leased facilities to our customers.

TriumphSys is based on one simple premise. The interests of all stakeholders must converge for sustainable growth to occur. Our customers and employees have grown together and as a result, TriumphSys has grown.

We are very proud of the work we have done over the years. We thank you for visiting our website and invite your comments or ideas on how we can create more winning opportunities for all of us.